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For the solutions of your individuell needs our specialists become your reliable partner for medical technology , tunnel construction and diving technology.
Thereby you can trust in more than 25 years of experience.


January 24, 2014
Hyperbaric Defibrillator
Especially developed and certified for use under hyperbaric conditions...
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September 18, 2012
HAUX LIFE SUPPORT presents new development HAUX-PATIENT-BED
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Medical Technology

Medical technology

With the modular HAUX-system it is possible to create a medical-, technical- and cost-conception which fits our customer’s individual profile...
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Construction Chambers

Construction chambers

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT designs contruction,- personnel,- material- and combined locks, pressure wall systems and medical treatment locks...
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System Assemblies

System Assemblies

HAUX-chamber-systems are equipped with our system components. Our customers can choose their components out of huge variety…
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Diving Technology

Diving technology

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT designs pressure chambers for divers, deep diving systems and diving simulators...
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Special Systems

Special systems

Trough its detailed knowledge about hyper- and hypobaric chamber systems HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT is able to design special systems in any size and for any pressure...
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Vessels and Apparatus construction

Machine and container construction

HAUX-LIFE-SUPPORT Cuxhaven is our subsidiary company.
All of our chamber systems, machines and vessels are manufactured on an area of about 2000 …
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