HAUX-Sliding Door

HAUX-Revolving Door

HAUX-Round Door

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The pressure chamber doors HAUX-MASTERDOOR are designed as round door, revolving door or as sliding door with the door leaf made out of an even steel plate.
As sealing a robust lip seal made of a neoprene mix is used.

All doors are closing with the pressure.
Once the ante chamber pressure gets slightly higher (only a few mbar) than the main chamber pressure the door leaf lets the air flow over from the ante chamber into the main chamber.

Revolving doors are mounted to the chamber wall by a taper roller bearing  and a slide bearing.

Sliding doors allow a better saving in space in the chamber meaning, however, more technical input.

An appropriate constructive design allows:
  • easy opening and closing of the door without any mechanical aids
  • lifting off the door from the sealing rim when starting to open and safe operating while in motion
  • guarantee of reliable sealing already when starting pressurization

The doors are moved with handles fixed at their inner and outer surfaces.
Handles at the outer side are imbedded in hutches. 
To be used handles are folded out. When folded out the handle prevents opening of the door causing injuries of the operator’s hand/finger. Additional door stoppers are mounted inside the chamber compartment.

At a comfortable visual height a round observation window is installed in the door.

Round Doors

Due to double hinges the doors close in a spacesaving way.
The doors can easily be operated from inside and outside with hand grips.
To keep the weight of the moving part low, the doors are made out of aluminium alloy.
If the pressure in the AC exceeds the MC pressure the door leaf of the connecting door serves as safety valve and let the air pass from the AC into the MC at the slightest difference.